Below you can find some frequently asked questions about busing and best practices for parents and children using the division buses.

My child won’t be catching the bus -- who do I call?

Please contact your driver.

I have concerns about the bus.

Please talk to your bus driver.

I have a concern about the driver

Contact the Transportation Office at 780.674.8510.

You may complete this form.

I want to report a vehicle passing a bus with its red lights flashing.

Please report this immediately to the Transportation Office at 780.674.8510

Make a note of the vehicle’s licence plate number and vehicle description (make, model, colour) and the time and place of the incident.

You may complete and submit this form.

How do I register my child to ride the bus?

Please see this page for details about bus fees and how to register.

How do I know what time my child will be picked up?

Before the first day of school your bus driver will be in touch with your child’s pick up location and time.

My child forgot something on the bus.

Please contact your bus driver.

If your child was on a bus for a field trip, please contact the Transportation Office at 780.674.8510

What if my child misses the bus at the end of the school day?

Have your child go to the school office so the office can call you.

Under no circumstance should a student walk home or go elsewhere.

How do I find out if my child’s bus is running?

Your bus driver will inform you if the bus is cancelled.

See this section of our website for more details.