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P01 – Foundation Statements Download
P02 – Role of the Board Download
P03 – Role of the Trustee Download
P04 – Trustee Code of Conduct Download
P04 – Trustee Code of Conduct Sanctions – Appendix Download
P05 – Role of the Board Chair Download
P06 – Role of the Vice-Chair Download
P07-00 – Wards Download
P07-01 – Organizational Meeting Download
P07-02 – Regular Meetings Download
P07-03 – Special Meetings Download
P07-04 – Electronic Meetings Download
P07-05 – In Camera Sessions Download
P07-06 – Agenda for Regular Meetings Download
P07-07 – Board Minutes, Board News and Board Follow-up Download
P07-08 – Motions Download
P07-09 – Delegations to Board Meetings Download
P07-10 – Trustee Compensation, Memberships and Attendance at Conferences Download
P07-11 – Trustee Conflict of Interest Download
P07-12 – Board Self-Evaluation Download
P08 – Committees of the Board Download
P08 – Committees of the Board – Audit Committee – Appendix B Download
P08 – Committees of the Board – Committee List – Appendix A Download
P09 – Protocol for Trustee/Dignitary Recognition at School or Public Events Download
P10 – Policy Making Download
P11 – Delegation of Authority Download
P12 – Role of the Superintendent Download
P12 – Superintendent – Performance Evaluation – Appendix A Download
P13 – Appeals to the Board Regarding Student Matters Download
P14 – Hearings on Teacher Transfers Download
P15 – Grade Configuration and School Closures Download
P16 – Recruitment and Selection of Personnel Download
P17 – Student Transportation Services Download
P18 – Curriculum – Provincial and Alternative Programs Download
P19 – Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environment Download
P20 – Expulsion of a Student Download
P21 – Long Service Awards and Recognition Download
P22 – Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses Download
P23 – Information and Technology Download
P24 – School Attendance Areas Download
P25 – School Year Calendar Download
P26 – Field Trips, Excursions and Tours Download
P27 – Division Citizenship Awards Download