Division News Article

Winter is here… when do we cancel buses?

November 7th, 2018

The early arrival of winter weather means it’s time to recap how our school division makes decisions about whether or not school buses will run when the weather is bad. Keep in mind that our schools will be open whether or not buses are cancelled.

Who decides if the school buses will or won’t run when the weather is bad?
Our school buses travel approximately 11,000 kilometers each day. Because weather and road conditions vary from region to region, decisions about whether or not to cancel school buses are made as close to the local community as possible.

On a route-by-route basis
Your bus driver will decide whether or not the school bus will run.  Our drivers are the most familiar with the weather and road conditions on their routes. When a bus driver decides to cancel the bus because it’s not safe to drive, the driver will notify:

  • parents on the route
  • the school principal
  • Transportation Director Shantelle Haitel

On a division-wide basis 
If a big storm is brewing, Transportation Director Shantelle Haitel will be up early in the morning to gather information so she can decide before 6 a.m. if our school buses will run or not. She also monitors the Weather Network, reviews Environment Canada reports and gathers reports from school bus drivers who live across the division. For safety reasons, schools will be open even when buses are cancelled.

When school buses are cancelled across the division – or in parts of the division – we communicate this information as follows:

What can parents do?
Make sure your child is dressed for the weather — and be prepared for unexpected severe weather conditions. Students should carry with them appropriate winter footwear, outerwear, including headgear, gloves or mitts. Students inadequately prepared for winter conditions may be reported to the parents and the school principal by the bus driver.

If you are concerned about sending your child to the bus stop or school because of bad weather or roads – even if our buses are running – you can always keep your child home.

For more information contact Shantelle Haitel at 780-674-8510.