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Westlock Rotary Club gives dictionaries to Grade 3 students

December 18th, 2018

Ken Ebeling and Don Scott from the Westlock Rotary Club have been busy this December delivering dictionaries to Grade 3 students at Westlock area schools. The “Student’s Dictionary & Gazeteer—Canadian Edition” serves not only as a dictionary, but also a mini-encyclopedia of interesting information, such as the history of Canadian Prime Ministers, Canadian geography and information about the provinces, math resources and conversion charts, the periodic table of elements, and much more.

Ebeling took the initiative to purchase the dictionaries for Westlock area students after hearing stories from other Rotary Clubs across Canada and the United States. “This is the first year we’ve done this and the kids just love getting their very own dictionary. They get to keep them—in fact we’ve even heard of some Grade 10 and 11 students that still have their dictionaries.”

Ebeling tells us they have delivered almost 170 dictionaries to Grade 3 students at Busby School, Eleanor Hall School, Pembina North Community School, St. Mary School, and École Westlock Elementary School. Here are a few pictures from their visit to WES on December 11th.

On behalf of our schools, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Westlock Rotary Club for this generous contribution.

Ebeling handing out dictionaries to Mrs. Arndt’s Grade 3 students