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Welcoming our new teachers

September 9th, 2019

We are excited to welcome 33 new teachers to our team this year. While some are in their first or second year of teaching, several of these teachers bring with them many years of experience that will enrich the diversity of our teaching staff. In order to help them prepare for their new assignments, we invited them to attend orientation sessions focused on three themes:

  • Employee orientation — New staff learn about the division’s systems and processes and all the benefits of being an employee of Pembina Hills.
  • Effective teaching to support diverse learners — They learn about the strategies intended to impact the division’s priorities: Student – Teacher Relationships,  Literacy and Numeracy, and Support for Staff.
  • Support systems — New teachers begin their relationship with teacher-coaches and mentors and learn about all of the people who collaborate to support student learning.

At the end of each session, participants were asked to provide one word to describe the day.

new teacher orientation 2019 comments

We wish them all the best in the upcoming year.

  • Barrhead Elementary School — Kristy Darrigan, Charity Erickson, Jody Hancock-Connor, Kass Haut, Amy Kraft, Toni Liber, Angela Maysky
  • Barrhead Composite High School — Nadja Arjani
  • Eleanor Hall School — Melanie Buckley, Shannon Kolotyluk
  • Fort Assiniboine School — Justine Hunter
  • Neerlandia Public Christian School — Jill Olthuis, Bonita Raju
  • Pembina North Community School — Ariana Sterling
  • Pibroch Colony School — Ivy Suranyi
  • R.F. Staples Secondary School — Tayler Burwash, Jamie Fagnan, Wade Hicks, Dan Hula
  • SunnyBend Colony School / Neerlandia Public Christian School — Jesse Enns
  • Westlock Elementary School — Gemma Walker
  • Vista Virtual School — Sarah Limacher, Christina Turner
  • Alberta Distance Learning Centre — Dan Bisoo, Kylie Cartwright, Miranda Corrigan, Georgina George, John Josafatow,  Fintan Lalor, Jason Land, Alex Perl, Levente Solyom, Richard Yao

These teachers were part of new teacher orientation at ADLC on August 22.