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Lieutenant Governor visits WES students

February 1st, 2018

École Westlock Elementary School was privileged to have Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor, Her Honour, the Honourable Lois E. Mitchell speak at school’s morning assembly on January 29th. Principal Pierre Ouimet requested Her Honour’s attendance for two reasons — to celebrate Family Literacy Day, and to connect with the Grade 6 social studies curriculum. “Many Grade 6 classes visit the Legislature, but today we are fortunate to have a part of the Legislature come to us!” says Ouimet. During the assembly, Her Honour shared a wonderful analogy about the power of reading:

“Do you know how powerful words are? Imagine if you were a robot, and batteries are what make you go. Every single word you learn adds energy to your batteries — every new word gives you extra strength to learn something new, try something different and go somewhere exciting. That’s the power of reading.” Lieutenant Governor Lois E. Mitchell

She asked the students to think of their favorite word, and in turn shared her three favorites —  Creativity, Cooperation, and Gratitude — explaining the importance of all three in her own life. As an expression of gratitude for their teachers, she led students in a collective cheer, “Go Teachers Go!” She also talked about her love of sport and the importance of participating even if just to be physically active.

Later, in the school library, Her Honour read to Grade 3 students a book she brought titled “Lucy Tries Short Track”. She talked about the upcoming Olympic games and her experience with some of the teams and athletes that will be heading to South Korea to compete. PHPS Trustees Jennifer Tuininga and Wendy Scinski also read “Lucy Tries Short Track” to Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes. Through a donation from her husband’s foundation, she presented signed copies of several Lucy Tries Sports books for the school library.

Joined by students from Barrhead Elementary and Busby School on video conference, the Grade 6 classes got their turn. Her Honour spoke to the group about the tremendous honour it is to serve as Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. She talked about the different aspects of her role — Constitutional, Ceremonial, Social — and gave examples of what she does on a daily basis, calling it “the best job in the world.” She also quizzed students about the provincial government, stressing that her role is totally non-political. Students had their own questions — wanting to know if she has ever met the queen; were there any bills she didn’t want to sign; what is her favorite sport; just to mention a few.

“This was definitely a unique learning opportunity for our students; for all of us really. Her Honour’s visit made the curriculum tangible, at least for a few hours, and shone a light on the importance of reading, sport, and participACTION, while reinforcing our school virtues.” Pierre Ouimet

We are grateful for the opportunity to meet Her Honour and truly appreciate that she was able to come out to spend time with our students. It was a fantastic learning experience! Read more about Lieutenant Governor Lois Mitchell. 

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