Division News Article

Good luck to our Skills Canada Alberta competitors

May 7th, 2019

Ten students from Pembina Hills will be competing at the Skills Canada Alberta competition on May 8-9 at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

  • Lian Ruch, R.F. Staples – Automotive Technology
  • Rylee Letts, R.F. Staples – Automotive Technology
  • Raymond Sleeth, BCHS – Automotive Technology
  • Skyler Hofstra, BCHS – Automotive Technology
  • Ashlee Laing, BCHS – Graphic Design
  • Matthew Jassman, BCHS – IT Network Systems Administration
  • Sydney Visser, BCHS – IT Office Software Applications
  • Tyler Roberts, R.F. Staples – Photography
  • Kailey Brandl, R.F. Staples – Senior Hairstyling
  • Destri Lind, BCHS – Workplace Safety

We wish these competitors the best of luck! We also want to recognize and thank the teachers and school staff who will be accompanying them.

  • Kevin MacKenzie, RFS – Skills Coordinator/Carpentry Coach
  • Aaron Deas, RFS – Mechanics Teacher/Automotives Coach
  • Brian Allison, RFS – Mechanic/Automotives Coach
  • Aiana Burr, RFS – Cosmetology Teacher/Cosmo Coach
  • Veronica Scallion, RFS – Media Arts Teacher/Media Arts Coach
  • Susan Wegner, BCHS – Skills Coordinator/Coach
  • Dan Sribney, BCHS – Mechanics Teacher/Automotives Coach