Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner – Raci Messmer

May 6th, 2019

Raci Messmer is a Grade 5 student at Barrhead Elementary School. Her teacher, Jaime Fisher, submitted the Citizenship Award nomination.  She outlined how Raci can be counted on to help and support others.   Whether she is helping someone organize their desk, learn a new math concept or clean the guinea pig cage.  Raci displays kindness to others in her classroom.  She includes others and shows concern for those who are left out or feeling down.  She can be counted on to make good choices and makes others feel part of the group.  Raci is one of the most responsible and dependable students. She completes her school work on time and takes initiative to learn more and to challenge herself to do more.

In recognition of making positive contributions to her school and community, the Board awards the Citizenship Award to Raci!