Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner – Eden Porter

May 10th, 2019

Eden Porter is a Grade 6 student at Dunstable School.  Tammy Tkachuk (Principal) submitted the Citizenship Award nomination.  She outlined that Eden is very mature and responsible.  When she takes on a task, she completes it to the best of her ability.  Eden is an active member of the Dunstable School Student Leadership group.  She listens to the students she represents and brings their ideas to the meetings.   On the playground, Eden is always lending a helping hand to teachers and younger students.  She makes sure that all kids are included in games on the playground and she is willing to work with anyone!  You can see her helping younger children with putting on their boots and playing with them on the swings.  Eden tackles everything she does with an amazingly positive attitude.  She sees challenges as opportunities and she undertakes her work with a smile!

In recognition of making positive contributions to her school and community, the Board awards the Citizenship Award to Eden!