Division News Article

Citizenship Award Winner – Colton Schole

June 14th, 2019

Colton Schole is a Grade 6 student at Dunstable School. He was nominated for the Citizenship Award by Principal Tammy Tkachuk, who says, “Colton has grown into a very responsible and dependable young man. He can be trusted with jobs around the school and he stands out as someone the staff can call upon when they need assistance with tasks.”

When it comes to his studies, Colton knows what he wants to achieve and works hard in class to get his jobs done. He can be counted on to make good decisions and follows through with tasks that he is given. Colton shows leadership and dependability in the classroom, around the school, and on the playground. He is a role model for younger students and a leader among his peers.

The school board is pleased to present Colton with the Citizenship Award for recognition of the positive contributions he makes in his school and community. Congratulations!

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