Division News Article

Education Minister visits PHPS School Councils

November 9th, 2017

Representatives from school councils across the division had an opportunity to speak to Education Minister David Eggen at their annual Council of School Councils Meeting on November 7th. One spokesperson from each school council was given two minutes to share their thoughts about the education issues that matter most to their school community and how government can help ensure their students receive the best education possible.  

The PHPS school board invited Minister Eggen to the meeting following his letter to the Alberta School Councils Association indicating he wished to meet and talk with school councils across the province.

“We appreciate that Minister Eggen took the time to come to Pembina Hills and listen to our parents speak about the education issues that matter to their schools. It was a great night of conversation and some examples of issues raised included: the cost of busing for field trips, the varied learning and mental health needs of students, the importance of literacy, and the success of school nutrition programs.”
Jennifer Tuininga, Board Chair